Friday, 6 May 2011

Final Animation

So here is the final animation... I am pleased with the outcome apart from i would have liked it to be a little slower so you could see more of the detail. If i could do it again then i probably would have spent more time on the backgrounds and maybe found a better location to shoot my animation than the kitchen table, i would also have made Alan do more thing so that the audience could get to know him better.

Aside from that i have enjoyed working on this project and will most definitely be playing around with animation more. Hope you enjoy the video.. :)

After Effects

I found after effects quite difficult because when making my animation i couldnt seem to slow it down, i reduced the frame per second and it lasted 28 seconds which i was pleased with but once i had rendered it it was still playing very fast so i had to try and stretch it out to 20 seconds. With the animation running so fast i feel like i have lost a lot of detail like when the eye pops out you dont really see it slide down the side of alan. Also i couldnt find an easy way of cutting and pasting sections here and there which was a nuisance.

Character Design

Here i have uploaded the process of making Alan.

Character Design

Below i have done some designs what alan could look like and what his wool may look like.

On this design i plan to make the wool from using white modelling clay balls. 

Here i have drawn a front view of Alan while he is eating some grass.

On this one i have made the wool by coiling the modelling clay up. I think that it looks good but maybe a bit to precise to be sheep wool.

I have opted to rolling out thin bits of modelling clay and creating a messy ball on this one. I think this one would be most realistic out of all of the designs i have come up with.

Favourite Idea

This Storyboard is my favourite out of all of the initial ideas i had. Its called Alan.
I plan to use modelling clay to create this animation.

So this is the opening shot and i may have the letters rolling in from somewhere. The letters will also be made of modelling clay.

The first time you see Alan he is strolling around munching on grass as sheep do.

While roaming around his field he comes across some mushrooms which he decides to eat

The mushrooms turn out to be magic mushrooms. His eyes go really wide and his tongue hangs out!

Alan starts screaming and the camera will zoom out and he will somehow be on a skateboard.

He then starts to go down a hill gaining momentum, soon he is going really really fast.

Further down the hill there is a stick on the path and Alan cant avoid it so he hits it straight on. He is thrown off the skateboard and up in the air.

He collides with a wall with his face but he was going so fast it starts to squish him.

He is eventually squished flat to the wall and that will be the end of Alan and the end of the animation.

Some Developed Story Idea's

Ok so here i have scanned in two story ideas which have a plot on the left hand side and then a very rough storyboard on the right.

 In this story there is a man with a really fat head staggering along the street. His head is making him unbalanced and when he finally gets it under control the fat drops to his belly. He doesnt mind this so much because it is a lot easier to manoeuvre. But things get worse for him as the fat move down to his foot and he cant move, he tries so hard to move his foot but cant. In the end he just sits down and gives up. The plot could go on so that the fat move around his body some more.

This story is set at my desk. All is quiet and still but then blu tack comes off my posters and starts to gather in the middle of my desk. Its forms the shape of a man, once complete the man looks himself up and down and is pleased with what he see's. But then out of the corner of his eye he see's a huge blob of blu tack coming towards him. Soon he realises its coming to attach itself onto him, so he makes a run for it. They run around the desk for a bit but sooner or later the blob catches him and moulds itself into him. The end shot would be a really obese man looking really sad.

Initial Ideas

Below i have scanned in my story ideas which i did in my sketchbook. I like a few of them so i will create some bigger plots and a rough storyboard to go with them.